Inferior Frontal Cortex

Last update: September 17, 2022
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This area is involved in grammar processing. It is located at the bottom of the frontal lobe. When this area is damaged, a patient may have difficulty distinguishing grammatically incorrect sentences.


This area is involved in grammar processing in the brain. It becomes active when hearing sentences. It also becomes active during a task to indicate whether a sentence is grammatically correct or incorrect. People who perform this task best also show the most activity in this area.


BA 47 is located at the bottom of the frontal lobe. The area is adjacent to the orbitofrontal cortex (directly behind the eyes).


Recent research has shown that this area is also important in the processing of musical information. Musical pieces are processed faster if the notes flow into each other harmoniously and fit together. When tones do not match, this area becomes more active and processing the signals also takes longer. It is concluded that this area is important for the integration of tones over a longer period of time.


People with damage to this area do not respond to grammatically incorrect sentences. They cannot perform the task of indicating whether a sentence is correct or incorrect.

Author: Myrthe Princen (translated by Thomas von Rein)
Image: Marcel Loeffen

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