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"An extraordinary journey through the world's strangest brains" by Helen Thomson Neuroscience has learned a lot from people with abnormal brains. Consider the classic example...

New hope for free will?

Did you decide of your own free will to read this article? Or is your decision the inevitable result of interactions between brain cells that...

The Mountain in the Sea

Ray Nayler’s recent science-fiction novel “The Mountain in the Sea” is an imaginative dive into the depths of neuroscientific theories on consciousness, language development and...

Horror, my brain and I

Horror, my brain and I   It’s spooky season. Isn’t there a better time to cuddle up in front of your TV and watch a horror...

Who's afraid of....?

You're biking home alone through the dark and you're afraid someone will chase you. You are afraid of spiders, heights or small spaces. Do these...

Babies smell their mother's fear

If your mom is afraid of spiders, then there's a good chance you are too. We already know from previous research that parents' fears are...

WTF is consciousness?

Hey you! Yes, you! Are you conscious right now? Of course you are, right? But what does this actually mean?  Consciousness is an extremely intuitive,...

Brain Basics 

At Brainmatters we are fascinated by the brain. But if you were to see a brain lying on a table, it wouldn't look all that...

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