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The topic “brain” seems to be everywhere at the moment. Not strange as the brain is responsible for all your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. You are your brain!

Science is more and more able to decipher this brain, with newly developed brain scanning devices and complex computer algorithms. Reading thoughts, decoding dreams, predicting whether you will become a great football player or not. Everything is possible! Or is it…? Of all these wonderful ideas and innovations, some remarks and promises are reasonable, but others aren’t. How do you know the difference?

In a society, brains and brain research rightfully get a lot of attention, it is of growing importance to take care that this attention is focused on the right things. Where the media doesn’t always have the opportunity or resources to elaborate on “brain news”, science should jump in. We would like to offer you the opportunity to learn about the brain. Therefore, we will regularly present the newest brain research on this website from all over the world, in an accessible and scientifically responsible way.
Brainmatters has won several Dutch national prizes and appeared on Dutch radio and TV.

About us
The project Brainmatters started as a submission to the Academic Year Competition 2011. Job van den Hurk, Tom de Graaf en Michelle Moerel, all (previous) researchers of the Faculty of Neuroscience and Psychology of Maastricht University founded the website and continued to run it. In 2022 they decided to hand it over to a new group of researchers and students in neuroscience that love to share their passion and knowledge with you. We introduce them below.

You can reach us via: contact.brainmatters@gmail.com

Anneke Terneusen

Anneke is a fourth-year PhD candidate at FPN, Maastricht University + brain injury center Limburg. She investigates self-awareness in people with and without brain injury.

Pauline van Gils

Pauline is a PhD researcher at both Maastricht University (Brain Injury Center Limburg) and the University of Twente. Her research focuses on developing a treatment for people with brain damage after cardiac arrest. 

Joyce Burger

Joyce is an alumni of the Research Master in Neurospsychology and will start her PhD at the VU Amsterdam this year. Her research will focus on motorical learning and motivation among secondary school students. 

Thomas von Rein

Thomas is an alumni of the Maastricht Science Programme (MSP) and currently pursuing a masters in cognitive neuroscience at University College London. He has a great interest in research into topics such as the functions of dopamine, and furthering our understanding of consciousness.

Melanie Smekal

Melanie is currently a teacher of Psychology and Neuroscience at Maastricht University. She is passionate about topics such as education and learning, sexuality, and the intersection between physics and philosophy in the research of phenomenal consciousness.

Svet Mangarakov

Svet just started his Master’s in Medicine at Maastricht University. His interests mainly lie in the development of neurodegenerative disorders (e.g., Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s) and the overall consequences of the ageing brain.

Kobus Lampe

Kobus is a psychologist and PhD candidate working for Mondriaan Maastricht & Maastricht University. In his job he applies non-invasive brain stimulation in the clinical field and as well as in healthy participants.

Loes Beckers

Loes is a junior researcher (PhD candidate) at the Radboud UMC, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour of Radboud University in Nijmegen and Cochlear Ltd in Belgium. She investigates what cognitive functions can explain variability in speech perception performance in adults with severe to profound hearing loss, that use cochlear implants (advanced hearing aids).

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