Mechanical/Touch Receptors

Last update: September 9, 2022
By BrainMatters

Our skin contains several receptors that help us discover the world through touch. There are four so-called tactile receptors in our skin:

1. Merkel cells

These disc-shaped receptors are located near the boundary between the epidermis and dermis. They are sensitive to a low stimulus frequency and mainly responsible for the perception of pressure on the skin.

2. Meissner's corpuscles

This group of flat cells is located in the dermis and is responsible for the perception of light/volatile touch on the skin.

3. Ruffini endings

These receptors consist of a bundle of fibers located within a cylindrical capsule and perceive the sensation of stretching.

4. Pacinian corpuscles

These receptors consist of a layered capsule placed around nerve fibers and are located deep in the skin. Among other things, they are responsible for the perception of textures.

Author: Caroline Benjamins (translated by Melanie Smekal)

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