Why we sleep by Mathew Walker - book

Last update: May 15, 2023
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By Brain Matters

In this book, the famous sleep researcher Matthew Walker tries to unravel all the neuroscientific research on sleep and dreams currently available. In an understandable and easy written way he walks you through how sleep impacts your physical as well as mental well-being. Hereby he sheds light on different topics such as Alzheimer’s disease, memory, aging, and how this is all related to sleep. Besides that, he provides the reader with hands-on tips which you can easily incorporate in your daily routine to improve your sleep hygiene as for example not eating just before bedtime. With the 24-hour economy we are currently living in, cutting down your sleep is quite common to do. However, even for me as someone who already has some prior knowledge of this topic, it was still confronting to read that not prioritizing sleep can have so many diverse negative consequences. I would like to point out one quotation in his book which conveys this message in one sentence: “Wakefulness is low-level brain damage, while sleep is neurological sanitation”.

Author: Joyce Burger

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